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Solange’s Wedding Photos

I’m so glad that Solange was in the sharing mood when it came to her wedding photos. She gave the whole album exclusively to Vogue the very next day.

Solange’s jumpsuit is by Stephane Rolland and Alan is in Lanvin. How cool is her flower adorned bike?!

Dress number 2 was equally as gorgeous. This one is by Humberto Leon for Kenzo. The bracelets are Jill for Lady Grey.

The wedding party. I spy Beyoncè, Tina Knowles, Janelle Monae, Angie Beyince and video director Melina Matsoukas. The art direction and poses in this photo are inspired by the work of Vanessa Beecroft (Google her work, it’s beautiful).

The look of love and admiration.

Images via Vogue. Photography by Rog Walker (whose work is soooo cool. Again, Google him if you aren’t familiar with his work.)


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