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New York, New York

New York, New York. A city so great they had to name it twice. I love being here, the fast pace makes me the city girl in me feel alive and energized.

I had a few free days in the city and so many cute outfits planned that I wanted to shoot to share with you guys, but guess what? I got sick and spent the majority of time in bed. Apart from a few hours on my last day when I felt almost human again and was able to grab dinner with my beau and then go to the Stevie Wonder concert to support our friends who play in the band. That’s all I could manage before my fever set in again.

So here’s the one outfit and a few photos I snapped on our post dinner stroll across Manhattan Bridge.

China Town New York

China Town lights at night

Manhattan Bridge Heart Scarf

I heart New York

Graffatti Manhattan Bridge New York

I love the juxtapose of the graffiti and the fancy city buildings

Manhattan Bridge Ruki Garuba

The cape really comes alive in a city setting. I wore it in an earlier OOTD post in Cali and it had a totally different vibe

Empire State Building New York

View of the city from Manhattan City



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