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New Years in New Orleans

Happy New Year guys! I’ve just gotten home from spending NYE in New Orleans!! Fun times and lots of local cuisine were the only things on the agenda.

New Orleans Street SignsRight off the bat here’s what you should know about New Orleans; There are lots of people, everywhere, all the time. I’m yet to experience a trip when it hasn’t been super busy. I would recommend you to leave clothes, shoes or anything that is expensive or sentimental at home. You’ll quickly lose count of how many times you get bumped or come across puddles of who knows what on the streets. Bring flat shoes with you and wear them. The best way to get around town is to walk. Everything is pretty much within walking distance of each other, either on Bourbon Street, in Jackson Square or the French Quarter). Traffic is solid all day long and even if you manage to get a taxi, you risk getting stuck behind a horse and carriage that is going slower than the people walking on the streets. That being said, bring your energy, excitement and an open mind because it’s definitely a place for good times.

Ruki Garuba Cafe Du Monde New Orleans Louisiana

Café Du Monde for beignets and coffee is always top of my list. It’s a popular place so be prepared to wait a while if you go during peak hours.


Cafe Du Monde New Orleans

The wait can be quite long during peak hours but ordering is easy, the beignets come in bags of 3 and the coffee options are black, Café au Lait or decaffeinated. The staff move fast, so have your cash ready, they don’t accept credit cards. If you want to try your luck at going when it’s less busy, they’re open 24 hours a day.  I went at about 4pm and waited 30 mins.

Ruki Garuba Cafe Du Monde New Orleans Beignets

I got mine to go and enjoyed them whilst walking through the French Market. Beware the sugar will get in all over your face, hair, clothes, shoes, bag and anything else in sight. This is all part of the fun of eating a beignet.

Gourmet Pizza at Domencia Restaurant New Orleans

One of my new faves and no doubt a future tradition is an Italian restaurant called Domenica, it’s located inside The Roosevelt Hotel and the food was exceptional. I had the Tutto Carne pizza (pictured below), which was topped with bacon, fennel sausage, salami and prosciutto cotto (Italian ham). I’m not normally a cheese eater, so for me to eat and love it, is major! It was so good we went back the next afternoon and I ordered it again. The other dishes I saw being delivered to near by tables looked delish too. If my trip was longer I would have gone back and tried the lamb, or one of the seafood pasta dishes for sure.

Acme Oyster House New Orleans

Charbroiled oysters and fried seafood are a New Orleans must! The two main places to try them are at rival oyster restaurants, Felix or Acme. They also happen to be directly across the street from each other. We ate at both places for dinner on separate nights, so we could take part in the which is better debate.

Felix Oyster House New Orleans

Felix had the shorter wait (30 mins), the crispier fries and I preferred their charbroiled oysters as they had no cheese on them.

Seafood Platter Acme New Orleans

Acme had the better raw oysters, they were fresh and tasty. They also served bigger portions of fish (although it wasn’t catfish, which I liked at Felix).  The ambiance at Acme felt more welcoming and little less hectic. We were able to casually order drinks and then food. If you’re in New Orleans and have to pick between both restaurants, I would say go with whichever has the shorter wait for a table and if you have the opportunity, try both places for the experience.

Ruki Garuba Jackson Square New Orleans

Sightseeing in Jackson Square. It was cold!

Jackson Square New Orleans Louisana

St Louis Cathedral, which overlooks Jackson Square

French Quarter New Orleans

Checked out the French Quarter for some fun street art and performances

French Quarter Ornaments

Ornaments for sale in the French Quarter.

The French Market New Orleans

I had to stop by the French Market

More food at the french Market

lots of Vodoo Dolls at the French Market

Voodoo was a huge theme everywhere. Some more lighthearted than others.

Some more lighthearted than others.

Voodoo is a huge part of New Orleans culture

Where musical instruments hang with front doors

Street Art Jackson Square French Quarter New Orleans

I saw so many amazing murals and jazz themed art down the side streets

I had to get some Slap Ya Mama seasoning. It’s so good!!

New Year’s Eve was magical. We went for a group dinner at an amazing seafood restaurant called Oceana and then walked onto Bourbon Street for the midnight countdown. The street was packed with people in every direction I looked but it was very tame and happy. You can check a video of the action here

New Years Eve

Was there anything that I missed whilst in NOLA that is a must? Let me know so I can add it to my list for next time.





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