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my week in photos

I spent the majority of this week fighting the early symptoms of a cold, so finding things to be grateful for everyday helped keep a smile on my face.

1.Ruki Garuba Crop Top Leather skirt

Drinks with a friend of a friend, who I have now stolen and claimed as my friend. She’s one of those people that always has something hilarious to say. I literally spent the whole evening laughing with her. It’s always great to catch up with friends when I’m in their city, one of the perks of traveling.

2.Michael Bolton Tour Birthday

I love birthdays, probably more than any other holiday. So over the years I’ve taken charge of ordering cakes for everyone on tour and as a group we figure out how to surprise them with the cake and celebration after the show. It really makes being away from home and loved ones on such a special day a little brighter and easier. The snare drum was for the drummer and the platinum record was for MB’s producer of 25 years.

3.Clearwater Florida Dock

I make a point to get out of the building everyday and take a walk, even if it’s only for 10 mins. Today was great, I grabbed an organic beet and carrot juice and stumbled across a really cool dock. Clearing my mind and getting some vitamin D really makes my day better.

4.Banana Loving

This is such a cute photo, it made me smile when I first saw it and it’s making me smile as I write this. I mean, who doesn’t like cuddling?

5.Ruki Garuba Love Sign Newport News

Another great outdoor workout. Saw this love sign and knew I had to grab a photo in front of it.


When you think of SoCal, the stunning beaches are what normally come to mind, but it’s always such a lovely reminder for me to see the city and ocean at the same time when I fly. Best of both worlds.

7.Beach and Coffee

My daily routine at home involves grabbing a coffee and heading to the beach to clear my mind and plan my day. I have less than 24 hours at home on this trip, so I’m using my time wisely.



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