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My Week In Photos

A moment of gratitude makes a difference in your attitude. So this week I’m really digging deep to take photos and capture things to be grateful for.

The Life Changing Magic Of Cleaning Up

I ordered this book while I was traveling and I got excited all over again when I arrived home and it was waiting for me. It’s a great read so far and I’ll be reviewing it on the site when I’m done. I’m always interested in learning more ways to make my life more streamlined and organized. And of course pass on these gems to clients and you guys.

Spring Cleaning

I started my annual wardrobe spring clean today. I focus one section at a time and today’s focus was on coats and jackets. I love this Dolce & Gabbana blazer (pictured above), but I haven’t worn it in years. It has so many happy memories attached and is a classic piece, but it’s slightly too over sized for me. Right now it’s on the ‘maybe’ rack. Should I keep it or consign it?

Mantra Bands

My new year’s resolution was to complain less and act more. These Mantra Bracelets are the perfect daily reminders to be the change I want to see in the world. There are over 100 different designs and they come in silver as well gold and rose gold (pictured above), you can check them out here

Exercise Val Side

Working out first thing in the morning really made a difference in my mood and energy levels. I do some light cardio but my focus is really on toning, and when I’m done I feel accomplished and ready to face the day with a big smile and tons of energy. So far it’s been three weeks, so lets hope I stay motivated to keep it up long term.

Flower Wall at Juice Bar

The wall of my local juice bar looks like something from Pinterest. When I’m home I love grabbing a fresh veggie juice and just taking a moment to chill by the benches that face this wall.


I try to visit the Japanese meditation gardens as often as I can and also take my friends from out of town there. It’s hands down one of the most relaxing and beautiful places I know. Being close to nature really makes me happy.

Guest Room Do Not Disturb Sign

Some people collect shot glasses and postcards from their travels, I collect cool ‘Do not disturb signs’ from hotels. It’s a great way to bring a piece of my travels home and still keep my house clutter free. Plus my guest always love having the option to hang this sign outside the guest room door and enjoy some privacy without any awkwardness.

Oceanside Harbor

This was the location of my photo shoot today. Any day where I can tan and get work done at the same time is a great day. We got some awesome shots and you can check out the shoot here.


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