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Lake Charles, Louisiana

I’ve been to Lake Charles, Louisiana a few times before, but this trip is the first time I’ve be able to fully take in the beauty and southern charm.

L'auberge Lake Charles Front

After such a hectic two-week tour in Latin America, having two days off in one place was magical and much appreciated. I feel like I finally got the opportunity to decompress a little. On the first day I mainly lounged by the pool and caught up on some reading and blog post planning.

L'auberge Poolside Lounging

On the second day I went for a long walk through woods, along the lake and the outskirts of the golf course, which by the way is gorgeous!

L'auberge Lake Charles Walk

L'auberge Woods

The course looked like a piece of art to me. I later found out it was a Tom Fazio design (he’s an award-winning architect. You can check out his work here) and I am a huge fan of his style and ‘eye’ so I totally geeked out! Everything from the lake placement, to the trees and the highs and lows, were in perfect proportion and placement to each other. I came back from my walk energized and inspired. Which is exactly what I set out to do.

L'Auberge Lake Charles Golf Course

I’ve been trying to take a few moments each day to do something outdoors, which is sometimes hard to do but not impossible. I find that afterwards my thoughts are clearer, I’m more creative and most importantly happier. I’d love to hear what activities you guys do to help clear your mind and increase your creativity!





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