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Bracelets For Small Wrists

Having small wrists no longer means we have to miss out on the arm candy action. I’ve rounded up some amazing bracelets, designed with us in mind.

Having smaller than average wrists means we’re often limited to mostly bendable styles. Rigid designs made for larger wrists tend to either slide off on the spot or unnoticed during the course of the day. Which is especially upsetting because if you’re anything like me, you bought it because I loved it and have developed some attachment to it. And lets be honest, I don’t like throwing my money down the drain and I’m sure you don’t either.

I’ve been striking gold lately with finding bracelets and cuffs that fit really well. It’s such a rare occurrence for this to happen, so that I decided to share my finds, in hope that it would be helpful to other ladies with small wrists that are on the same mission.


Miansai Modern Screw Cuff


Miansai Modern Screw Cuff

I fell in love with this bracelet at first sight but had to wait 2 months for it to come back in stock in rose gold and it was worth every moment of the wait. The craftsmanship is amazing and it’s perfectly designed to hug the base of the wrist. I originally tried on the regular screw cuff but it was too over sized and looked like I was playing dress up with my mother’s jewelery, so I was relived to find out a slimmer and more minimalist version existed (if you like a more over sized weighty feel check out the original version here). I get compliments all day long when I wear it and I hope to have it for many years to come, I also plan to one add the gold one to the mix.


Skinny Railroad Spike Cuff

Giles and Brother Skinny Railroad Spike Cuff

I love that this bracelet is both rugged and glam at the same time. I went for the plain rose gold and the pave yellow gold version with swarovski crystals. I love mixing my metals but if that’s not your thing they come in a range of different metals including silver, rose gold and titanium. The skinny version of this bracelet fit perfect straight out of the box, which is great as it’s quite a rigid design without much give.



Vita Fede Mini Titan

I’ve wanted a Vita Fede bracelet forever but I was nervous it would be too big and just hang shapelessly on my wrist. But I did a little research and came across the Mini Titan, which is a smaller version of their classic Titan. The xs was a perfect fit. It looks great worn alone or mixed in my stack and I can’t wait to add a few more over the years.




Mantra Band

I love my mantra bracelets. They come in gold, rose gold and silver, the band is super flexible, so that you can adjust to be as tight or loose you want. There are over 100 mantras to choose from, which initially made it super hard to decide as I wanted them all. You can check which mantras I finally decided to go with here (mid way down the page). I wear them everyday and only really take them of for photo shoots and swimming.

alex and ani gemini

Alexi and Ani Charm Bangle

When I first tried these bangles a few years ago, I bought and returned them on 2 separate occasions because they were just so big and shapeless. That was until a sales associate, who also had small wrists told me they were adjustable. You have to slide them on first and them squish the two sides until it gets to the desired size and then you expand them again by sliding the double bar side together to get them off. I now own about 6, each with a different message dedicated to my loved ones. They are available in gold, brass and silver with hundreds of charm options. I have a few friends who also collect them , so we’re always comparing new additions. My Alex and Ani bracelets are daily staples, I wear them alone on days when I’m going for a more toned down look, fit perfectly into any stack that I create and with my Michael Kors watch for a more statement look.

Ellie Vail

Ellie Vail Victoria Bracelet

This is the only piece of jewelry that I don’t take off at night or before getting in the shower. It needs a screw (which comes included) and a second pair of hand to help get it on, so I basically never take it to avoid the ordeal of getting it back on and so far so good. No tarnishing or signs of future tarnishing. It’s another classic piece that goes with every and anything, so I just build my daily stack around it. I talked to the designer about sizing beforehand and it turns out she also has small wrists, so she made sure to accommodate us with this design.


Hope you found this list helpful and I’ll be constantly updating it as I come across more designs. Us tiny wrist ladies deserve to have amazing arm candy too! All of the above bracelets will also fit regular size wrists and come in alternative designs that are a touch bigger, follow the links on each one to the site and the alternatives pop up in the same search.