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Bomber jackets have made a huge comeback over the past few years and although I resisted at first I recently added a Khaki version to my wardrobe.

The last time I wore one, was as a teenager in the 90’s and I literally lived in it 24/7. During week I wore it over my school uniform and on weekends it was baggy jeans and cropped tops in the style of Aaliyah. This time around I’ll be teaming it with dressy basics such as a leather skirt and t-shirt combo or a chunky black sweater, dark black jeans and over-the-knee-boots and I may even sneak it into the night and wear it with a cocktail dress as seen at the Philip Lim ss2016 runway show.

The options really are endless. Below are a  few bomber jackets I considered before settling for on the Topshop MA1 version. I’ve already worn it a few different ways this week, you can check  it out here and here. Also helps that the price is quite palatable, so I can test out the trend and how it fits in with my style before making a big commitment with a more luxe version.

Zara Silk Bomber

Zara Embroidered Studio Bomber Jacket

Saint Laurent Bomber Jacket

Saint Laurent Teddy Gabardine Bomber

Topshop Navy Bomber

Topshop MA1 Bomber Jacket

lv-bomber jacket

Louis Vuitton Resort 2016

I came across these looks on Pinterest and love how these looks were styled

0.Animal Print Bomber Jacket

1.Black bomber Jacket

2.Black Bomber Jacket with Jeans

=3.Khaki Bomber Jacket with Black Turtleneck 4.02355e31f8f81c23c70eb9021d3b1393 5.Blue Bomber Jacket 6.Khaki Bomber sweater and jeans 7.Bomber Jacket khaki with sweater dress

So what do you guys reckon, will you be giving your leather jacket a rest and trying a bomber jacket this autumn?

Rihanna photo via Vogue Brazil.


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