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Style: 33 Piece Wardrobe

A well-edited wardrobe saves time, money and helps create your style identity. How would you feel about a 33 piece limit?

Too edited, or just enough?

A few months ago I stumbled across a blog called Project 333, a minimalist fashion challenge that invites people to adopt a lifestyle of living with a wardrobe of just 33 pieces per season (3 months). This includes outerwear, clothing, accessories, jewelry and shoes. There are a few exceptions such as sentimental jewelry, items you never take off (such as wedding rings), workout clothing (which can only be worn when you’re working out) and loungewear for relaxing at home

The shopaholic in me instantly hesitated and came up with a thousand excuses for not accepting the challenge…. “I’m a stylist, changing up and evolving my look is part of what I do for a living, I’m constantly travelling to countries with different climates, blah blah blah”. I honestly didn’t think it would work for me, but I decided to quietly dip a toe in during the summer and see what happens. So far I’m loving it!! I took the items that I find myself reaching for on a daily basis, added a few new pieces and then mixed in items that I wouldn’t traditionally wear during the summer but would work for crossing over into new climates during my travels and viola! I ended up with a mini edit of my expansive wardrobe that I really love.


Edited Wardrobe

As I was doing my usual pre-season wardrobe inventory this week, I kept in mind that I would be working with just a 33 pieces for the autumn season. I like to know well in advance exactly what I own, should be replaced or repaired and what I’d like to add to my shopping list. Knowing what I want/need, means I can also create a budget in advance and allocate funds for big investment purchases. For example I now know that I need some heeled boots, a largish neutral handbag and that my leather jacket is due to be replaced.

As we get closer to the time I plan on showing you guys the 33 pieces that make the final edit. I’ll also be sharing my outfit journey on here with you. I’d love to have some company on this challenge, so if any of you feel like joining me on this journey, let me know.

Find out more about Project 333 here.




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